Sunday, July 26, 2009


It appears that the competition don't approve of carbon neutral high sites.

In the early hours of 4 July 2009, somebody who knows more than most about matters wireless did this to the Helderberg high site.

Once we'd replaced the stolen and damaged equipment, we couldn't help notice that the frequencies we'd been transmitting on had all been hijacked.

The thief should also note that the SAPS pulled a complete handprint from where you gripped onto the tower to pull yourself up. Even though you aren't in the SAPS systems now, you will slip up one day and get arrested. Probably for something as mundane as speeding. Your prints will be run against the list of open cases and you will be charged with this crime.

Meanwhile, the frequency hijackers should note that the SAPS have been informed of what you've done. You've just gone to the top of the list of suspects. Those of you who like driving fast's just a question of time...

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